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Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Softball, Cycling Pump Tracks. Designed, project managed, and constructed to a perfect final surface finish.

Sports Courts & Sports Surfaces

Tennis courts, netball courts and any other type of asphalt court or sports surface - we have laid them all. Circuit Asphalt has experience to ensure your sports court is perfectly flat from one end to the other.


Pump track and cycling infrastructure sports surfaces have similar but different needs. We have the experience to design and build perfectly formed undulating and banked surfaces with the precision needed to delight wheeled athletes.

Asphalt is the world’s most commonly used sports surface for sports courts – particularly in schools, tennis and netball facilities – as well as many other sports facilities. An important benefit of asphalt sports courts versus concrete is that it is much softer, so players prefer it.

Asphalt also forms the perfect foundation for synthetic grass as used in bowls clubs or synthetic grass tennis courts, making its application simple and affordable.

What is your sport? 

  • Tennis Courts
    Residential, community, high performance, and school tennis courts

  • Netball Courts
    Players like the softness of a properly prepared asphalt surface, preventing injuries.

  • Basketball Courts
    We'll prepare the base to meet basketball standards for bounce & game speed.

  • Softball Diamonds
    Asphalt forms the perfect foundation for synthetic grass creating an almost maintenance free field

  • Bowls Greens
    Asphalt forms the perfect foundation for synthetic grass, allowing play through all seasons

  • Cycleways & Shared Tracks
    Perfectly smooth surfaces for kilometres, suiting cyclists and runners alike

  • Pump Tracks
    Carefully calculated undulating surfaces to keep wheeled sports moving and delighted through peaks, troughs and smoothly banked curves.

Base Preparation by Sport

Construction methods and materials for each court or sport surface are chosen based on an number of factors that we'll discuss with you to assure we meet your individual needs. Are you a school needing a multifunctional sports court? Are you a high performance sports athlete needing a particular surface to optimise your home training? The final construction chosen for these two courts will be very different due to their very different use cases.


The ground preparation and base layers, as well as topmost surface layers of sports courts, are different for each sport and for different types of players. Considerations include pace and bounce, density for joint and muscle fatigue considerations, durability and maintenance expectations, local environmental conditions, aesthetic preferences, ease of regular cleaning, and preferences in materials especially in remote locations. We'll discuss your specific needs so we can create the perfect surface for your sports and for the natural ground material and conditions of your location.

Sports Courts are built with many layers to achieve the precise planarity required for the sport as well as to achieve appropriate levels of rain runoff due to their outdoor environments. We'll discuss your area's natural ground composition and design your base layers and ground preparation to suit.

Maintenance & Repair

Asphalt is not only an affordable surface, but it's also very versatile and durable. It's quick and easy to lay, shortening the time between construction and use. It's also very long lasting, with a flexible surface that allows for good drainage, durability against impact and cracking, and cost-effective repairs when they are needed. This is why asphalt is preferred by councils and other publicly owned grounds that are maintained by parks departments and public school maintenance crews - these sports surfaces need to perform well with very little routine maintenance & expense. 


Surface Layers & Colours

The surface layers of sport courts are often made from brightly coloured acrylic. This final top layer provides just the right balance between grip for sports that involve fast direction changes and smoothness to prevent tripping, injuries when falling, and also being easy to keep clean and ready for immediate use when teams or students arrive for their games.

Will water run off my court?

While sports courts feel perfectly flat, they are built with an imperceptible taper of approximately 1% over the court to ensure water doesn't stay on the courts or sports surfaces. This tiny angle has to be very precise so players aren't playing on a sloped surface, and rain doesn't pool after a storm. Sports Court construction requires a high level of attention to detail and expertise in the field - choose Circuit Asphalt to be sure your team is highly qualified and experienced in these areas.

Pump Tracks & Cycling Infrastructure

While our primary area of expertise is with perfectly flat surfaces, we have built a number of pump tracks and have a range of enthusiastic cyclists among our team who understand the needs of different types of cyclists in different environments.


Pump Tracks & Cycling Infrastructure require different paving equipment and expertise than large flat surfaces. Since we handle a range of different asphalting services, we have a range of plant that handles different types of surfacing requirements, along with an enthusiastic team who likes the challenges that wheeled sports surfaces represent. This combination of high quality equipment and experienced team members results in high quality pump tracks and council cycling infrastructure from kilometre after kilometre of perfectly formed commuter routes designed for safety at speed and/or shared use, through to the complicated angled curves, bumps, and banks of community pump tracks. 

Call Us Today For a Free Quote

If you have a project planned that you’d like some advice about or need a quote for, give our team a call today and we’d be happy to help.

Sport Courts & Sporting Surfaces

Sports Courts & Sport Surfaces Projects

“John and his team at Circuit Asphalt were extremely professional and friendly from the moment I contacted them.

The communication was thorough and clear and they delivered exactly what we asked for even with our difficult location.

We are thrilled with the tennis court and would be happy to recommend the team from Circuit Asphalt”


Lake Station Tennis Court
Sarah, Lake Station

 The team at Circuit laid the asphalt on a bicycle pump track I built in Ashburton. I was really impressed with their positive attitude and approach to what was a pretty tough piece of work, the complicated curves of the berms and steep pump bumps were not an issue. They were always thinking outside of the box.


Ashburton Pump Track
Dirt Trail Building New Zealand

What our clients say

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