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Residential Driveways

Designed, built and asphalted

Transform your property with a new smooth asphalt driveway.

Talk to the experts at Circuit Asphalt. We will professionally design and construct a new driveway that will add value to your property.

Update your driveway and vehicle crossing

We are fully equipped with capable crew members and sharp skills to have your updated driveway and vehicle crossing looking sharp. An important reason why many people choose asphalt for their driveway is the affordable cost. When you add this to the other benefits of asphalt, such as its long life, low maintenance and aesthetics, it’s easy to see why asphalt is such a great choice.

No Job is too small

From potholes to patch repairs we have a specialized team for the small jobs. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround to sort your problem. Call us today on 021 146 1125 or 021 577 060 for an obligation free quote.

Advantages of an asphalt driveway

  • Price - Despite the smooth finish and feel of an asphalt driveway, the materials are cheaper than other choices such as concrete or aggregate, making asphalt driveways more affordable than the rougher concrete driveways.

  • Speed - Asphalt is much easier and faster to lay than concrete or other materials. Pair this with the speed at which asphalt cures and you'll be driving on your newly laid driveway surface within hours of installation. 

  • Durability - Asphalt is strong and durable while also remaining flexible in a variety of environmental conditions allowing it to expand and contract in variable temperatures without cracking. The flexible surface allows for good drainage avoiding the effects of erosion, as well as added durability against impacts. 

  • Maintenance - The smooth surface of asphalt is much easier to clean than rougher surfaces. In the future when cracks or holes finally start to appear, repairs are cost-effective repairs as the material is easier to seal than other materials, resulting in a driveway surface that will last much longer. 


If your driveway is in need of resurfacing, contact us to go through your options and discuss any features that will help keep your new driveway surface in good condition for many years to come. Kerbing and drainage can help improve your driveway's ability to manage water more effectively, increasing the life of your driveway.

Rural Driveways

Rural driveways often are subjected to heavier vehicles than suburban driveways. We have the commercial equipment necessary to build the longer distances of drainage, kerbing, and base ground repairs that are commonly necessary in such conditions. 


If you have a driveway in place that needs to be removed prior to resurfacing the area, we will remove your existing driveway, regardless of the materials. 

Driveway Design

We have a lot of experience with driveway design and will work with you to design the best driveway from both functional and property value enhancing perspectives.

Call Us Today For a Free Quote

If you have a project planned that you’d like some advice about or need a quote for, give our team a call today and we’d be happy to help.

Residential Asphalt Driveways

Residential Driveway Projects

“I went to Hanmer this weekend very excited to see the resurfaced lane.

A big thank you to you both and to all your team for a great job! Well done.

You were all terrific to deal with and the final result is superb!

Will recommend you widely”


Shared Residential Driveway
Chris, Hamner

 "This is the third time I have used you guys and every time you have made the effort to do the right thing and make the finished result much better than if just the minimum thought and effort had gone into it.  I really appreciate you and the guys on the ground looking after my interests."


Residential Driveway
Tim Allan, Christchurch

"We live on a back section, therefore a very long drive. We asked for three quotes to have it dug up and prepared for re sealing and selected CIRCUIT ASPHALT.

We highly recommend this company – from management down to the men who did the work. At all times they were professional, knowledgeable and courteous, displaying great attention to detail. Our queries were answered promptly and our access to our house was not restricted while the preparations were being done.

We are extremely pleased with the finished sealed drive."


Long Residential Driveway
Martin & Margaret McLoughlin, Hillsborough Terrace, Christchurch

"I want to compliment your company – right from the beginning you guys have taken the time and been amazing. John was the only contractor I talked to that bothered to explain the process – and I was in touch with at least 10 others! And so straight away I wanted to work with you guys.

We were having problems with our vehicle crossing application with the council, having to have a contractor sign the papers. After talking with John, my husband signed the papers himself and the ball was finally rolling after a month of being pushed from council to questioning contractors to council etc.

Then your team that come out. They were on time, they were polite, and went above and beyond – again explaining everything and just simply amazing to deal with.

The workmanship is absolutely spot on and the job has been completed before our neighbours – who started before we got you guys involved. I have spoken to many of my neighbours who haven’t had their asphalt done yet, explaining how great your team is – keep up the good work!"


Residential Driveway & Council Approval
Leanne Reid, Christchurch

“We have just had our driveway done by Circuit Asphalt and it looks amazing. The guys doing the job were friendly and professional and I would recommend the firm to anyone wanting a great job. Thanks again”


Residential Driveway
Julie, Christchurch

“Vicky and I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and friendliness of the teams that worked on the driveway. In particular the two men that did all the preparations prior to the asphalt being put down.  They were both very friendly and answered all the questions that I asked."


Residential Driveway
Brett and Vicky Wells, Christchurch

What our clients say

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