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Whole external construction package from excavation and project management to servicing, paving, and lighting.

Excavation & Civil Engineering

Circuit Asphalt are specialists in civil engineering and asphalt laying. There is no need to hire a separate contractor to prepare the land for your roadway, driveway, accessway, cross roads, carpark or sports courts. We have inhouse teams who complete everything from excavation, kerb & channel, earthworks, site works, and drainage. Once the ground preparations have been completed, we can then seal the surface with asphalt if that's part of your project, and install the lines, lighting, and services as required for your particular project. We manage the process from the design stage through to completion of the infrastructure building. All that's needed after we're finished is to add plants to any landscaping areas.

Kerb & Channel

Specially designed kerb and channel solutions improve both the look and practicality of a carpark. When these solutions consider drainage alongside the movement of traffic, they work together seamlessly. It's easy to underestimate the size of the area that collects rainwater in a carpark. Even a light rain can lead to a surprisingly large amount of water pooling if the carpark isn't designed to drain it effectively. Preventing this pooling helps avoid safety issues and damage to the structure. Contact us to design and build your new carpark with all the site considerations required assure a low maintenance surface, or to remedy existing water collection issues in your existing carpark.


Earthworks in civil engineering refer to the processes of moving, shaping, and managing the substrate material on a construction site. This involves activities like digging, filling, grading, and compacting the earth to create a suitable foundation for structures like roads, buildings, and infrastructure. Earthworks help to level the ground, control water drainage, and ensure the stability and safety of construction projects. Once this is complete, then we move onto site works.

Site Works

Site works in civil engineering encompass all the essential tasks needed to prepare a piece of land for construction. These tasks involve clearing the area, grading the ground to the right levels, and creating a solid foundation. Site works also include setting up utilities like water, electricity, and drainage systems, making sure the construction site is ready for building. In a nutshell, site works lay the groundwork for successful construction projects.


When it rains, water needs to go somewhere. We set up drainage systems that collect this water into channels directed by kerbing to underground pipes to guide the rainwater quickly and efficiently away from buildings, parking and roading, preventing flooding, water pooling, and the damage that water can cause when improperly managed.

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Excavation Projects

“Circuit Asphalt have carried out contracting services for us on several occasions. We have always found them reliable, efficient and value for money.”


Fulton Hogan Ltd
Shane Marriott, Project Manager, Canterbury

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